Why Foaming PE insulation needed in Ethernet network cables

Updated: Jul 23

With the development of Ethernet technology, and high data transmission requested, so higher performance and better quality Ethernet network cables are required. Today, China leading Ethernet cables manufacturerZion communication are going to talking about something about Foaming PE insulation in building Ethernet network cables

The objective of foaming

The objective of using foaming PE is to reduce the dielectric constant.

Ways of PE material foaming

There are two ways to realize PE foaming. One is Chemical foaming, the other is Physical foaming(Nitrogen foaming). But for some defects of chemical foaming, this way is gradually abandoned by most of the manufacturers.

What is the physical foaming?

With inert inactive gas into the insulating dielectric layer uniform fine porous structure, among each other pores exist independently, similar to a sealed package. The advantage is deep foaming, foam, and residue-free polar molecules, thus its excellent transmission performance; because of its water-proof, a stable performance so comes with long service life.

Features of physical foaming: