What is the GYXTW fiber optic cable?

Updated: Jul 23

Central tube Steel polyethylene laminate Armored Cable

Structural features:Central tube cable(also called loose tube cables)

Optical fiber applications place:  Installed in ducts, underground conduits, aerial

Fiber optic cable types:GYXTW

Fiber Numbers:1-12 fibers

Recommended index: 5 stars

Laying fiber optic cable has been giving priority to developing countries in the world as a strategic project.

When you're laying pipes and overhead cables, and fibers number 2-12 fibers,

Recommended by the general manager of foreign trade James xu from zion communications,

You can select the GYXTW style(Central tube) to suit the applications. This is the most popular and the first choice for the ducts/aerial.

The fibers are positioned in a loose tube made of PBT. The tube is filled with a water-resistant filling compound. Two steel wire locates beside the center of core as a metallic strength member.

The cable is completed with a PE(LSZH) sheath.

Steel-polyethylene bonded sheathed cable for outdoor communication, the metal reinforcing members, center tube, fully filled, parallel steel wire


Good mechanical and temperature performance.

High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant.

Special tube filling compound ensures critical protection of fiber.

Crush resistance and flexibility.

PSP enhancing moisture-proof.

Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength

Small diameter, lightweight, and friendly installation