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Aerial fiber cables are used when outdoor conditions prevent the burial of fiber

In case where the aerial infrastructure is already in place.Follow me,let you

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GYTC8A - Figure 8 Cable

According to the purpose:

Optical fiber Aerial installation Cables / Outside plant figure 8 cable/Outdoor cable

According to the structure:

Figure 8 cable /Loose tube single jacket self supporting cable

Model named:GYTC8A/GYTC8S

outside plant (OSP) fiber optic cables are designed to withstand the installation and stresses inherent in cables exposed to the external environment. Tough polyethylene jackets with carbon black protect the fibers from the harsh sun and water conditions. Gel-filled loose tubes in some designs provide protection in the event of water penetration. Used in lashed aerial conduits, these cables meet high technical performance reliability standards.