Updated: Jul 23



Zion communication Modular Data Center Infrastructure Solutions provide an integrated and intelligent solution that is adaptable, complies with standards, and delivers a new generation of high efficiency, energy-saving modular data center construction.

The unique design of the Zion communication solution meets your current needs based on today's s business requirements and is flexible enough to allow for further expansion as requirements change thus minimizing wastage.

The modular approach ensures the construction process is a repeatable and consistent process improving predictability in the construction phase by reducing the impact of external factors and by reducing the construction times, reduces the costs related to construction and operation.


Data center infrastructure industrialization

Zion communication modular data center infrastructure solutions feature on customization. Selection on product material, inside equipment, and assembly method are all through repeated optimization design, Technical evaluation, and system testing to ensure the delivery of reliable, secure, and highly available data centers to the user.

Data center infrastructure system functional units

The data center infrastructure systems relatively independent functional units separated by the reintegration of modular, internal module is a self-contained system, through the system of various equipment redundancy, backup and fault tolerance to ensure each module can be stable and efficient application. It makes the data center infrastructure deployment more flexible, more convenient, and more economical to operate.

End assembly fabrication

Modular data center infrastructure product components are the standardized structure, mainly including fire, lighting, terminal distribution, equipment components, and equipment support structures, etc.. Components are all produced in the factory,

prefabricated assembly. Data center infrastructure projects, such as building blocks as simple as the construction of a greatly reduced difficulty, the construction cycle is also shorter.

Green Energy

Each function module can be copied according to the change of the actual demand, especially the cooling module and the power supply module can be implemented step by step according to the actual application. Make refrigeration, power supply, and

distribution system to match the load demand, improve the utilization of resources to reduce excessive allocation. Abandoned the traditional planning concept set aside 3 ~ 5 years of capacity, realized with the need to expand, thus improving the electrical