How to choose the right cable for CCTV & Video Surveillance Systems?

When considering the video surveillance system. There are two kinds of security systems are available in the market;

DVR security system and NVR security system. As we know, digital video recorder (DVR) and network video recorder (NVR) come in diverse different features, models, and types. Understanding the function of them and the difference between them is very important when you want to choose one system to meet your needs.

And choose the right cable for them especially important. ZION Communication gives the following suggestion on choosing the right cables to help you.

Mainly transmission methods commonly used in CCTV & Surveillance System

When our customers installing CCTV & Surveillance System, they will prepare different designs according to the different circumstances of their clients. Using the correct installation design will improve the stability of the monitoring system and improve construction efficiency, also can reduce costs. Today, ZION COMMUNICATION will tell you several programs in the data transmission of digital monitoring. One camera, one power supply, a PC of  network cable The wiring needs to wire two types of cable: 

Power cable and network cable. 

Power cable best choice:

Network cable best choice: Power cable transmission 220V AC, each camera requires one power supply to power. The network cable is used to transfer data to the VCR. Both are indispensable. Using POE switches This way, only use the 8-core network cable as a transmission medium, no longer need a power cord, its transmission distance can reach 160 meters, It is said that some manufacturers can now reach 250 meters through non-standard models.

ZION COMMUNICATION supply good quality cat5e for POE switches:

Advantages of using POE switches in CCTV & Surveillance system

1. Needn’t wire power cable, save materials, save labor, improve the construction efficiency!