Honoring the memory of THE Sir Charles Kuen Kao

What kind of person die, there would be so much news coverage,BBC NEWS,THE NOBEL PRIZE,UNIVERSITY OF LONDON,washington post,THE NEW YORK TIMES,DATACENTER DYNAMICS……?The death of this man caused a sensation all over the world

A lifetime of so much honor and accomplishment,Change the course of human history

3 Honours,25 Society and academy recognition,17 Honorary degrees,30 Awards,

5 Namesakes,151 references ,16 Others

Be known as:Fibre optics genius,Father of Fibre Optics,The masters of light,Godfather of Broadband,

Fiber optic pioneer……

He held citizenships in the United Kingdom and the United States,and was a permanent resident of Hong Kong.However, in an interview in 2000, he stated that he belongs and did not consider himself tied to any particular country nor ethnic group.In an open letter further declared "Charles [Kao] really does belong to the world! "

Yes,he is the Sir Charles Kuen Kao

Sir Charles Kuen Kao GBMBE FRS FREng. “I cannot think of anything that can replace fibre optics. In the next 1,000 years, I can’t think of a better system.”“But don’t believe what I say, because I didn’t believe what experts said either.” He said.


Charles K.Kao, February 1966, Optical fibre pioneer & 2009 Physics Nobel Prize

Fibre optics genius passes away,Speaking from a fibre optics conference in Rome, where 8,000 people held a minute's silence for Sir Charles on Tuesday, Mr Stewart said the scientist's findings "changed everything".

"He really enabled modern life," he said. "All the communications we use - from mobile phones to the internet - are down to Charlie Kao's fantastic observations.

"Without him, the world would be a very different place."