Facts about ADSS All-dielectric self-supporting cable

Explain Fully Dielectric Self Supporting Fiber Optic Cable ADSS

Self Supporting All Media Optical Cable is a non-metallic optical cable that is composed entirely of dielectric materials and contains the necessary support system and can be suspended directly on the power pole tower. Communication lines in an air deployment environment such as multiple zones and large sections.

The mechanical properties of ADSS optical cable are mainly reflected in the Maximum Allowable Tension (MAT), Daily Strength (EDS), and Maximum Tensile Strength (UTS).

ADSS cables use different jackets for different power routes. The most common ADSS jackets are available in two types: PE jacket and AT jacket.

PE cover: ordinary polyethylene cover. Used for power lines below 110KV.

AT holster: anti-tracking holster. Used for power lines above 110KV.

After reading the short introduction above, do you feel a little basic understanding of customers?

In the following, I will share some of the most widely used knowledge of ADSS cables from a factory production perspective, that is, from a structural design and materials perspective.

Let's first take a look at the first image below.

This structural design is the most widely used single jacketed braided cable.

It is made up of 6 internal shells or filled with FRP, which are combined around a central reinforcement (GFRP, a glass fiber reinforcement). We call this frame design 6 + 1.

6 TUBES consist of 6 colors, respectively: