CAT5 Cabling & CCTV Baluns

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

CAT5 cable has become increasingly popular for CCTV installations. It’s easy to install and produces excellent results.

As a cable manufacturer, we have developed a CAT-CCTV cable manufacturer to provide superb results in video signal transmission.

Featuring quality copper cores, it can often outperform standard computer CAT5 producing a better quality picture over longer distances.

To make the cable suitable for most installations, it is available with either a black or white outer sheath so it looks right on either white or dark skirting boards or building fascias.

☑️ Using CAT5 cable in CCTV

Most use of CAT5 cable in CCTV installations involves using equipment called baluns, however, it is possible to use CAT5 without a balun on short cable runs although using a balun will always produce superior results.

If you are not using a balun and wish to experiment using CAT5 to send power to a camera and use other cores in the cable to bring a video and audio signal back along the CAT5e cable please study and use the following diagram.

"Please note the above diagram and all these notes are a “courtesy” additional information on baluns and CAT5 cable. Please refrain from contacting our technical staff regarding about “theoretical” matters not covered by our actual balun instructions."