Cables used in security monitoring systems

Today, Hangzhou Zion Communication Co., Ltd. takes everyone to talk about which cables need to be involved in the TV monitoring system: The common video transmission cable for camera video signal transmission cable is the 75Ω series of thin coaxial cables, but the attenuation of the video signal is also different for coaxial cables with different wire diameters. The thicker the cable, the smaller the attenuation.

1. When the distance from the camera to the sub-monitoring center is ≤300 meters,

RG6U CCS 95%AL PVC 75 Ohm CCTV Coaxial Cable can be used;

When the distance from the camera to the sub-monitoring center is ≤500 meters,

RG6U S BC 95%CCA PVC 75 ohm CCTV Coaxial Cable can be used;

2. The power cord of the TV monitoring system of the camera adopts separate wiring. The main switch is set in the monitoring room, and the entire monitoring system is directly controlled by the UPS power supply. Under normal circumstances, the power cord is wired according to AC 220V, and then the camera Converted to DC 12V by the adapter. Some cameras use 5V or 12V, 24V DC power, and the power supply method is different.

3. Use the camera device cable with a motorized pan/tilt and motorized lens. For the camera device with motorized pan/tilt and motorized lens, in addition to the above video signal lines and cable lines, the transmission line between the on-site decoder and the control center must also be considered Cable, generally use 2 core shielded communication cable (RVVP) or category 3 twisted pair, UTP core cross-section area is 0.3m㎡ ~ 0.5m㎡.

4. The alarm and sound monitoring cable, the monitoring warehouse, the alarm at the corridor, and the monitoring warehouse cable generally use 4-core shielded communication cable (RVVP) or category 3 twisted pair UTP, and the cross-sectional area of each core is 0.5m㎡.

5. The basic principles of cables when setting up broadcasts in broadcast and intercom cables, monitoring warehouses, corridors, factories, etc. are: the longer the distance, the thicker the cable. The basic communication distance specified by RS-485 communication is 1200 meters. In practice, the sheath line of RVV-2 / 1.5 is selected to extend the communication distance to 2000 meters. The length of the visible distance for broadcasting and intercom can be selected differently Cable, twisted pair.

6. Computer network cables are divided into two categories. One type of vertical trunk lines and optical cables are used between buildings, and the other type is horizontal trunk lines with 4 pairs of 8-core shielded Category 5 cables.

Hangzhou Zion Communication Co., Ltd. has won unanimous praise from many cooperative enterprises for its safety, reliability, and environmental protection for more than 10 years. The company is strong in technology and R & D. The project management products carried out include communication cables, security cables, control cables, etc. It is a company integrating R & D / production / marketing / supply / service. The wiring design of the security monitoring system involves video monitoring lines, broadcast intercom lines, alarm lines, sound monitoring lines, and network lines. Their functions are different, and the types of cables are different.

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