BS EN 50200:2015 - Fire Resistant Cables PH30 & PH120 Cable

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hello everyone, This is Luke from ZionCommunication. We’re a professional manufacturer of cables and accessories in the field of

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Today I’d like to introduce one of our main products Fire-Resistant Cables.

As we all know that fires have a very high cost in terms of loss of human life and damages to industrial plants, structures, and other property. Many research states that the most commonly identified cause of death from a fire is more than from gas or smoke. So Fire Resistant Cables are designed to and used to provide circuit integrity during the fire while exposed to high temperatures. These cables are carrying power and data to alarm sounders and visible fire indications during the course of the fire to ensure people in all areas of the building can evacuate safely.

According to British Standard, the most popular cables used in fire alarm installations are PH30 and PH120. ZION COMMUNICATION has been manufacturing fire-resistant cables for more than 8 years. Our PH30 and PH120 are made with high-performance silicone rubber and superior low smoke zero halogen materials that fully complies with the requirements of SANS 10139 and BS EN 50200 test methods. As we focus on the manufacture of this cable, thereby continuously ensuring product quality and reliability for the vast market like South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.

The different cable test time

PH30 is a standard version that is suitable for indoor fire alarm installations where the circuit must be maintained for up to 30 minutes while PH120 is an enhanced version that is suitable for indoor fire alarm installations where the circuit must be maintained for up to 120 minutes. Both PH30 and PH120 are made with plain annealed flexible copper as conductor and high-performance silicone rubber as insulation and superior low smoke zero halogen materials as an outer jacket.

The different cable structure

The only difference is PH30 shielded with PET Foil and Aluminum Foil but PH120 shielded with Fibre Glass Tape and Aluminum Foil which performances much better during the burning of the fire. For the available types of PH30 and PH120, we have 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core, and 1mm2, 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4mm2. For the available packages of PH30 and PH120, we have 100M in Roll, 200M in Roll, and 500M in Wooden Spool. The most popular choices are PH30 2 Core 1mm2 and PH120 2 Core 1mm2. If you are interested in receiving our price list as well as datasheets, please contact us by email or chat on WhatsApp. Even we can provide short free samples before you place an order from us.

In order to guarantee the stable quality of our fire-resistant cables, we invested more than 15 thousand dollars to build up the fire testing chamber in our factory in 2019. We can provide the related testament on PH30 and PH120 under the standard of BS EN 50200 testing method for our customers. If you are interested, you can visit our youtube channel to watch the fire testing video.


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