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4 Things Need To Know About RF Connector🔗How To Choose RF Connectors

Updated: Jul 23

The factors that consumers to select an RF coax connector should take into account include not only the electronic performance but also economic factors. 

You should mainly concern about four aspects: 

performance must meet the needs of system wiring and economy conform requirement of value engineering. 

The following four aspects need to be considered:

1. Connector interface (SMA,SMB,BNC etc.)

2. Terminative form (PC board, cable, and panel, etc.,)

3. Mechanical structure & plating (for military or commercial)

4. Coaxial connectors interface

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The coax connector interface is often determined by its application.

At the same time, it needs to meet electric and mechanical performance.

BNC connector with bayonet lock, which often used in radio signal connection with frequency under 4GHz, is widely used in the network system, instrument, meter, and internet.