2019 7 Essential Apps You’ll Need When Travelling To China

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Looking for a must-have app in China before the plane takes off?

China changes a lot every year, even APP is changing every day.

We've rounded the 10+ best apps in China to making it easier to travel in China in 2018.

A simple guide to the best apps for foreign visitors working in China.

Best Free VPN

vpn service that requires no registration and allows you to access almost any website in any country. (You can update your followers about your travels in China in real time on your various social media platforms!) It also protects by encrypting your private information from hackers when utilising public wifi hotspots.

If you don't have a VPN, you won't be able to login to FACEBOOK, etc. Free to get

Best Language Apps in China

Google Translate While many Google services are blocked, Google Translate is working petty well in China. Thought it is not always 100% accurate, it is useful for looking up how to say simple sentences especially as it shows the Pinyin as well as the characters for Chinese.

Youdao Translate is an app to quickly translate between more than 100 different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Portuguese, and many more. The best part is that you can download language packs so you can translate any language without needing an Internet connection.

TIPS: First take a photo of the text, then translate it through the APP

All of the above are free software, not like Waygo

Free AI Chinese Translation Services

iflytek translator, This is the best voice translation app I have ever used.

Conversational translation: real-time speech translation, listening to spoken language, listening to semantics, authentic voice broadcast, supporting Chinese and English, Japanese, Korean, Russian speech translation, face-to-face communication with foreigners

Chinese Translation Services

For serious Chinese document translation, You need a human translator, or a professional translation service provider. 1 Minute instant QuoteChinese Translation You Can Count On .


  • Fluency: Your customers understand them well

  • Search & Visibility: Your content will rank high and easy to be found

  • Results Oriented: Your content sells and will drive conversions

  • Consistent: Your brand is consistent in different places

  • Communication: We build conversations with customers

Best Social Apps in China

Wechat This is the top one and recommended for you to get in touch with your local Chinese friends, or other expats in China. Nowadays, Wechat is more popular than your phone number in China. This Chinese developed app has become one of the world’s most popular mobile messaging and social networking platform.

QQ If you have a QQ number, then this official app from Tencent is the best way to use it online. Though Chinese people prefer using wechat now, most of them still use QQ as an alternative social solution and many QQ groups are still very active. People in China normally do not use Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

Best payment app in China

Mobile payment has taken China by storm! While most countries are still getting used to cashless payment, China has long overtaken with mobile wallets that do so much more.

it is extremely convenient to have WeChat installed. Although it is mainly an instant messaging app, you can also pay for your meals and shopping with its payment function – WeChat Pay!

Best Maps and Navigation Apps in China

Google Maps is the best comprehensive maps service throughout China, as it is fully available in English and makes it easy to navigate around even if you don’t speak the language. As for now, this Google-powered service is blocked and cannot work in China without VPN. so you don’t need to bother installing other Map Apps.

AMAP you need to be able to type in Chinese! Autonavi Navigation is China’s most popular in-car GPS with maps iPhone app. Now it supports English language.

Apple Maps in China is becoming solid after IOS 9 released in 2015. And the map data is licensed from AutoNavi.

Best Transport Apps in China

Didi Chuxing More widely available with bigger market share. Acquired Uber in 2016 and became stronger. It is integrated in WeChat and you can use WeChat payment to use the app.

Best Local Consumer Service Apps In China

Dianping Just like Yelp for China. Hundreds of restaurant reviews, including features like showing highly rated restaurants near you. This app offers you a similar service to Yelp! providing you with a range of reviews, descriptions and locations of restaurants, bars, accommodation around China. Dianping also has a feature that show highly rate restaurant around your current location.

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